Friday, January 30, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Week 5 Bonus

This week had two lessons and I wasn't done with the first part yet but completed the bonus so am showing it to you here.  The teacher showed us how to draw a feather.  We added words and doodles to make it our Affirmation Feather.  I loved this lesson so much.  I did learn that some of the supplies I used did not give the same result as the teacher's supplies so I want to do this over again to get a better result.  One of the gals in our class used her software to reverse the colors of her artwork.  Cool Beans!!  I included several of my other art pieces reversed for fun.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lifebook Week 4

Well....I'm a little behind on my Lifebook art work but am hopefully catching up.  This Courage dear heart ballerina was intimidating for me!  I put her off for a good week using housework as my excuse.  I like the way she came out.  If you had a x-ray machine, you would see that she has two additional faces tucked under the paint.  I just couldn't get her the way I wanted!  The skirt was really fun to do.  I painted it dark purple with bright green over, then used a catalyst to scribe in the dark lines.  Then over painted with lighter colors and dots, lots of Pitt white pen dots and fluff swirls. 

Yup.....took courage this week but I did it!!

All artwork is considered for sale too....;-)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Week 3

I hope you enjoy this piece!  The sentiment is sooo true!  The lesson involved using your Tombow watercolor pens but my stash has dwindled over the years and so I used watercolor paints instead.  I only have one of those little palettes with hard squares of paint and it is obvious that tubes would be much easier to mix colors!  I also need WAY more practice with watercolors!  I have LOTS of mistakes in this piece and overworked it quite a bit.  But, hey....that is part of the learning process, right?  Joanne Sharpe was our teacher this week and we were learning about using lettering in our art.  It was a very fun lesson!  I changed up the words and the flower from the original lesson...made it my own that way! This is 12 x 9 on 140lb cold press watercolor paper. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

LifeBook 2015!!!

A present I gave myself this year was ART!  Lifebook 2015 by Tamara LaPorte was just the ticket!  An art lesson every week for the entire year.  One of my resolutions was to have one art day a week.  I hope to accomplish that!  BUT.....even if I fall short.....I should have a number of weeks to count as success! 

This week the lesson was on your Beacon of Light.  With over 2,000 people taking the class, there are a lot of different ideas of what that looks like.  Since the Lord God is mine, my project included him in it! 

The middle panel of the 'dress' completes the upper portion of a cross.  There are crosses adorning the rays from her head.  This project didn't come about without problems and learning areas!  I learned that when using a paint pen, always test it on scrap paper first to avoid a blob on your artwork.  Then I learned that several layers of gesso can cover up what is left over from the blob that you tried to remove.  It took a lot of time to reverse the error but lesson learned!  I learned that using gold ColorBox ink on your artwork doesn't always work as it doesn't dry well leaving ink that can smudge.  I learned that you don't have to tilt the head too much to really be tilted.......over achieved on that one.  I learned that perfectionism wasn't necessary in this lesson......hard to overcome.  I can see that I need to learn how to blend better and how much water is the right amount to blend and to dry brush!

At the end of the year I hope to see a big improvement in my skills!  If you are interested in Lifebook 2015 you can see more info here.   The class was $120 for the whole year and that is only $2.30 a week for awesome lessons!  I am in the course for the art.  There are meditation sections that I don't care to participate in but there are there if you wish.  the first week was pretty heavy as there are videos for beginners which I watched.  All in all, about 6 forty-five minute videos!

I hope you enjoy my Beacon of Light!  The second picture shows some of the glitter and gold paint that make this piece really shine!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bleached Kitties

Bleach Blocking is such a fun technique from the last TJ newsletter.  This darling stamp is from I brake for Stamps.  The die cut words are from the Handwritten die set from Little B.  The kitties are colored with copics.    When I took the picture I realized that the second dot on the word invited was in the wrong spot and I fixed it......    *sigh*

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bleached Birthday

Bleach blocking is one of the techniques in the last Technique Junkie newsletter.  The music stamp is from Technique Junkie and the Happy Birthday die is from Little B Handwritten die set. 
This week is going to be a rough one for us ol' grandparents.  Watching the two youngest grandkids for a whole week while mommy and daddy celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on vacation.  I think I know why God gave children to you when you were young.....they really wear us out!  They are 2 and 6 years old.  The hardest part will be getting the first grader to 7:45am!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just a few more Desolv'd cards

Okay.....I know that you are probably getting tired of all the cards using this technique but they were just too fun to make.  These cards are really different from the others.  They used the technique paper simply on a card base.  I really love the Inspire one as it reminds me of a cave.    That particular piece started life as text on a page!  The card bases are white and they are hard to see but they are there! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Desolv'd flowers

Another from the Desolv'd technique from the Technique Junkie newsletter.  This card uses a Darice embossing folder.  After I embossed the background paper, I rubbed a baby wipe over the raised area to remove some of the ink.  I then colored the raised area with a white Pitt Marker.  The 'thanks' is from a die set from Little B called handwritten.  It is a pretty cool little set! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Desolv'd fishing

Here is a third card using the Desolv'd technique from the Technique Junkie Newsletter.  This card uses the technique for the background AND the image.  The technique gives you TONS of background pieces in one session and you just never know what you'll get!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Desolv'd Christmas

Here is another card using the Desolv'd technique from the Technique Junkie newsletter.  The dark colors were a nice backdrop for the deer.  The deer stamp comes with a small star above the deer which I didn't use on this card.  The deer was color with copics.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Desolv'd Sympathy

 The December newsletter from Technique Junkie is hot off the press and below is a card made from the technique called Desolv'd Images.  This technique is a little messy but the results are really beautiful.  The white border and words were cut from my Silhouette Portrait.  Enjoy!  More with this same technique coming tomorrow.    Click on the image to see it a little larger.....the detail in the background that was made is really beautiful.

Here is a special note from Pat Huntoon, the owner of Technique Junkies!  You don't want to miss out of this!!  I'll be posting cards from some of this month's techniques in the next few days! 
New from Technique Junkies!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Radiant Faces Class - Week four

I'm finally getting back to my Radiant Faces Class.  This week's teacher was Julie Gibbons with the topic of the Inner Goddess.  The mandala we created was to be our Inner Goddess. 

I put off this lesson because I really didn't particularly agree with some of the logic for the Inner Goddess but I decided that I would take it as the art lesson that it was to be and really enjoyed created.  She has white eyebrows because my hair is white.  The white dots in the hair also because of my white hair. 

The second part of this lesson by Effy Wild showed me something that is totally against what I would normally do......she didn't color each continuous chunk of hair with the same color.  Horror!  I'm glad I took that into my piece. 

When she was all done, I decided to add lashes and the minute the lashes started to go on, I regretted it.  She was pretty without them.  But I had already committed with the start of the lashes so I continued and added some white dots to match the hair.  It redeemed it a little for me!  The flowers around the outside edge because flowers are part of me!

I hope you enjoy!  *Note to self*......when coloring with copics away from home, have a better light source.  There were some errors that I couldn't correct.....*sigh*......

Friday, November 14, 2014

Green Christmas Tree Snowglobe

Here is the last style of Christmas tree snowglobe for you!  This is a darling little snowy tree with two little birds.  You can get them in my Etsy store HERE

Here are the different colors and styles of the little tree.

Valentine Heart Snowglobe

Below are pictures of the two Valentine Heart Snowglobes that I have left.  You can buy them in my Etsy store HERE.