Saturday, May 22, 2010

A quick one!

Hope you are having a great weekend? Mine will be full of rain. Which isn't entirely a bad thing......that means I'll have time to stamp!! I actually totally spaced that I needed to have this card done for the Technique Junkie blog and ran downstairs last night after our family left. Had this card done in a jiffy. The background is called Brayered impressions from the Dec 09 newsletter. I submitted the technique but I don't think I was the first to really think of it! It is so fast and fun. 

Mom Update:  Mom got a prescription from the ER doctor and has an appointment to see her new doctor in about 12 days or so.   I'm sure she will want to pursue natural treatments once her BP is controlled with meds.  I know she really doesn't want to take the meds!  Can't blame her for that.  I tried natural stuff but it didn't seem to help me.

Accident update on me.........had an MRI on Thursday and Dr. shared the results with me at my appointment on Friday.  Yes......this is a disc bulging and that is why my toes are numb.  The real question is whether it was caused by the accident or not.  I'd say that my toes didn't have issues before the accident so it at least aggrevated any problem I may have had if it didn't cause it to begin with.  Chiropractor said that she may add PT into my treatment plan. 

All the kids came over tonight to celebrate my 57th bday!  Got some mad money, a certificate for a pedicure, and a insulated cookie sheet (I needed that!).  Thank you all!  {Mwah!}

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