Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quiet but busy!

My blog may have been quiet lately but I HAVE been busy.  Between filming tutorials and making Design Team cards (which you can't see yet), I've been also working on some snowglobes for my upcoming card sale in November.  Here are 12 of the globes with stars in them.  I'll be making 12 with hearts in them as well.    They are uber hard to photo since the surface is reflective.  But you get the idea.  Each has a case for storage and they fold flat!!


Shirley said...

You are always busy!!!! and creatively so! These are wonderful! You should be getting ready for your big open house sale about now!

Mari said...

Those are gorgeous, Ann! I just LOVE the whole idea! Bet it takes oodles of time - but with such neat results, who cares? :D

Darla said...

I think I have a cutting file for just such a snowglobe somewhere. I tried it once and had a hard time cutting the acetate.... I've since learned how to cut it but forgot all about the file.... Hmmm
Are you hand cutting yours or is it a file from somewhere?