Monday, October 31, 2011

Copic Class!

On Saturday I took the Intermediate Copic class.  Here are a couple of pictures for you.  Sorry about the was only the overhead light and I only had my video camera to work with (no flash).  The first is me with Marianne Walker and Colleen Schaan (she was the teacher).  Colleen was a great teacher......enthusiastic and fun.    The second is me and Salit ( a sweet gal from Isreal).....we had a very nice talk about the upcoming vote at the UN on the Palestinian state and how she is very nervous about it.  Possibly war is their concern and I totally see that.  She has a Scrapbook store in Tel Aviv and flew here just for the certification classes! 

The class was good.  Lots of info.  Some I already knew and some I only kind of knew.  Some was new and that was best.  The new stuff had to do with color.  I also learned how to better use my shadow grids.    I had taken my own markers....(I don't like to share)..... and since I only took the markers they told us would be available to the students, I was limited in some of my coloring.  BUT that was a good thing since I had to think outside the box.  I found a color combo that I really like for shading reds and lots of combos for hair. 


Shirley said...

TFS, Ann!!! You go girl!

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh I so wanted to go...sniff sniff

Janelle said...

Hi Ann!!!!! I made it a To-Do list item to come find you.

Thanks for making the intermediate class so much fun and your hospitality to drive me out for dinner.