Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For those who drink Apple Juice

I was watching Dr Oz a few months back.  I just ran across the notes I took from his show.  If you or your kids or grandkids drink apple juice then you really need to watch the brands you purchase.

Dr Oz said that Arsenic isn't regulated in apple juice.  Hmmmm.....not good.  The FDA allowed amount of arsenic is 10 parts per million (ppm).  They went to random stores and even tested juices that mothers had at the parks.  The results were shocking to me.  I listed the brands he talked about and the lowest number and the highest number of arsenic those brands had on their random tests.

Miniute Maid        Lowest 2    Highest 3  (looks like this one isn't too bad.)
Apple & Eve         Lowest 2    Highest 11  (wow.....just above the legal limit)
Motts                     Lowest 4    Highest 16  (wowsers......more than twice the legal limit)
Juicy Juice             Lowest 2    Highest 22  (yikes!!)
AND.........the brand we probably trust the most with our babies.....
Gerber                    Lowest 6 (the legal limit)     Highest 36!!!  (Unbelievable!!!! more than three times the legal limit..)

Makes you wonder why they can get away with that....

I think I'm going to look into Organic brands.  It also reminds you that a trusted name like Gerber isn't always the best choice!

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Shirley said...

It's really interesting, Ann! TFS