Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Could you please vote?

My friend, Kathy, owns Rubberstamp Ave.  She is a very sweet gal.  Please read her message below and vote!!


Rubberstamp Ave has applied for a small business grant and the very first hurdle is to obtain votes through facebook.  If you have ever purchased a Rubberstamp Ave stamp and been happy with your stamp and service, please consider voting for me.  It's easy and you'll never receive any unsolicited email, phone calls or junk mail.  Go to  Scroll down and click on "log in & support".  Scroll down and there will be a place to enter my business name - Rubberstamp Ave (please be sure Rubberstamp is one word and there is no period at the end of Ave).  Choose state: Oregon and city: Central Point.  Click on search and then vote.  It will literally take only minutes.
If you don't have facebook, maybe someone you know could cast a vote in your place.
Deadline for votes is June 30.
Thank you so much!!  EVERY vote counts!! 


Kathy York -
Rubberstamp Ave
1934 Parkwood Ave
Central Point, OR 97502
ph: 541-665-9981
fax: 541-665-9989

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