Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cute little snowmen!

I've been working really hard getting things done for my upcoming vendor spot at the University Club of Portland.

My goal was to have 35 snowglobes done for that sale (plus the 15 from special orders).  That's 50 total to do.  CRAZY!  Anyways.........I don't normally do too many of the snowmen because they are crazy involved.  There are 12 pieces and each needs to be colored on both sides.  AND when they are done they are only 2" Tall!!!!   Hope you enjoy those little masterpieces!!  If you are interested in making your own snowglobes.......head on over to Some Assembly Required!  Tell Sandy I sent you.  I don't get anything for it, just thought she'd like to know.  The dies are called Slice Forms on the site.

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Sue from Oregon said...

These are totally awesome Snowmen. I love them! Can you make me one when you make them again next year???-if you make them again next year!