Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Special Announcement and Past Sale!

Tomorrow, please make sure you drop by my blog for a great blog hop with prizes from three different companies!!  More details on that tomorrow.

Now........for the past sale.  I had the sale at the University Club yesterday.  It would have been a little better if I hadn't been getting sick.  Right now I could sing bass in the choir!  HA!  The ladies at the sale were just fabulous.  The big hit was the snowglobes.  out of 36, I only have 5 left!  Yeah!!  The pyramid boxes were the next loved item.  They loved the Exploding boxes but not that many sold.  ;-(  All in all, I did great and was very pleased.  Here is a picture of my table.  This was taken after the first onslaught of customers before their luncheon.  More people came after the luncheon.  We didn't think of taking a picture before so most of the snowglobes were already gone.   My daughter went along to help me.  Braelyn came along as well and was a big hit with all the ladies.  I'm holding her while mommy takes the picture.

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