Thursday, April 25, 2013

Distilled Bones

Well........I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  Sad........I'm sure that it has mostly to do with exercise and my lack of getting what I need in that realm. 

So.......I have a friend, Penny, who recommended a wonderful program called  I've started to work at things I can change to help myself like my diet, exercise, etc.  One of the items that she talks about is distilled water.  She talks about how that kind of water is easier and more pure for you to absorb. 

I find this very interesting and am hoping that it helps me as well.  Here is a distiller like my friend, Penny, has.  She is very happy with hers.  Penny was working holistically on her osteoporosis as well.  Thank you, Penny, for your recommendations!!

Click HERE for the Purest Water you can Drink! to be linked to the distiller company that she liked. 

I hope that this information helps you as well!


Natalie said...

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Hopefully diet and exercise can be helpful to keep it in check.

PS Your link isn't working

stamps&cars said...

Thanks for the note Natalie about the link.....I have it fixed now.

Julie A. said...

Just happened across your site! When I was diagnosed 10 years ago with a "tendency" to osteo, they prescribed something I dutifully started taking daily. After about nine months I was aching all over and felt jumpy and nervous. Found that osteo meds will sometimes do this. Quit taking, felt 100% better, and still do. I'm 69, take no meds of any kind, exercise regularly , and keep up with nine grandkids. God is good! Just wanted you to be aware . . .