Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life beyond stamping

Life since last October has been quite busy.  I belong to a local car club that is trying to do something historical!!!  We want to break a Guinness world record with the Most Ford Mustangs in a Parade.  Right now the record is 620 Mustangs in a parade and it was set in Canada.  We need to get the record back down to the US!! 

Our committee has been working sooo hard but it is hard to get the word out when your advertising budget is almost nothing.  We are operating on a shoestring and the budget for the event is almost $34K!!!!!  

So......stamping peeps.....would you be willing to help us out? 

Our webpage for the event is     Registration info is there along with lots of FAQS.

We also have a Facebook page at :   Could you please like our page and share it with your friends. 

The event will be in Woodburn, Oregon next April but we will have to fish or cut bait on the 25th of October!! 

We need Ford Mustangs of all years and running condition.  They don't have to be show cars.  In fact, I think our biggest numbers will have to come from J Q Public. a girl a favor?  Please pass on the word!!

Here is a picture of our event shirt.  Available in white or black, Regular, Ladies V or Sweatshirt!

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