Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gelli Fun

Today I dug out the 3 x 5 Gelli plate and decided that if I didn't have some fun with this new toy that I would put it off forever.  It was a lot of fun.  The Single small prints are mostly done using the Styrofoam plate cut out.  I'm just learning how to layer and it is obvious that I have a lot to learn.  Getting the right amount of paint on the plate seems to be one of my challenges.  I'm not sure it you should add a little to the paint to keep it wet longer or not.  I did find out that I could use lots more paints.  More Transparent ones.   On the journal page, I followed along with the video from the Gelli blog.  I didn't have the same colors or stencils but it did teach me some tricks so hopefully the next one will be a little more interesting.  Think I'll have to do some drawing on the journal page and maybe paint black around the images. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Ann,

try using Golden Retarder, it is made to extend drying time w/ acrylics. Allows me to pull ghosts quite easily w/ craft paints. Mix w/ a palette knife directly into the paint on the plate, then brayer it out. If you forget to mix, it creates some interesting effects too!

Found your blog through RSM article.


stamps&cars said...

Thanks you, Robin!