Monday, November 17, 2014

Radiant Faces Class - Week four

I'm finally getting back to my Radiant Faces Class.  This week's teacher was Julie Gibbons with the topic of the Inner Goddess.  The mandala we created was to be our Inner Goddess. 

I put off this lesson because I really didn't particularly agree with some of the logic for the Inner Goddess but I decided that I would take it as the art lesson that it was to be and really enjoyed created.  She has white eyebrows because my hair is white.  The white dots in the hair also because of my white hair. 

The second part of this lesson by Effy Wild showed me something that is totally against what I would normally do......she didn't color each continuous chunk of hair with the same color.  Horror!  I'm glad I took that into my piece. 

When she was all done, I decided to add lashes and the minute the lashes started to go on, I regretted it.  She was pretty without them.  But I had already committed with the start of the lashes so I continued and added some white dots to match the hair.  It redeemed it a little for me!  The flowers around the outside edge because flowers are part of me!

I hope you enjoy!  *Note to self*......when coloring with copics away from home, have a better light source.  There were some errors that I couldn't correct.....*sigh*......

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