Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Tree of Life

My Tree of Life (which was a bonus lesson) became a Tree of Love instead!  The little swinging girl in the lesson had her hair flowing forward and her legs going back. me that meant that she was swinging back.  So, I changed her since I want my little girl swinging forward.  I'm moving forward in my art so I wanted her to be doing the same.  I remember seeing some car commercials recently where these transparent hearts were fading in and out along the top of the screen.  So, I thought that instead of the lesson's stars in the tree, I would use the hearts instead.  In real life, there is some glitter around the hearts and it is very sparkly.    I wasn't too pleased with the face, having painted over my attempts three times.  Augh!

Hope you enjoy!

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