Monday, November 30, 2009

AND Our Winner is............

We have a winner!!!  #42 which is:

November 25, 2009 6:27 AM

jackielwatson said...


What a wonderful card and I would love to win the CD7. Thanks for giving us a chance.

Jackie Watson

Congratulations, Jackie!!  I'll be in touch with you via your e-mail. 

Now on to a little Black Friday saga!  Our family usually goes to Bend where my Brother-in-law lives.  We all invade his house (which fortunately is large).......all 19 of us.  This year only a few of us went for the Black Friday sales.  We were up at 4:20 and out the door by 4:45am.  YAWN!!!!  I am not a morning person, so it killed me to get up at this hour.  First store to hit.....Shopko.  They had great deals and this year there were NO lines.  Can you believe that?  Last year we put a designated person in line when we got in the store because the lines were so long.  This year we walked right up.  They either managed the crowd better this year with more checkers or they just didn't have the crowd.  We did notice that there were lots of people LEAVING the store with carts of purchases about 2 minutes after the 5am open.  They must have opened early but only started to check at 5am.  That's the only reasoning we could come up with. 

Since we exchange names with extended and immediate family we all knew who to shop for and got some wonderful deals.  I made $30 really stretch for two of our big and tall guys.  I happened to draw both of them!!  Hit Fred Meyer (Kroger) and they had wonderful sales and my daughter had a 30% off of 2 apparel items as well so I got a thick quilted flannel and a nice quarter zip pull over for less than $29 and a quarter zip pull over and two T-shirts for only $26. 

We finally made it home at 3pm!!  It was a long day.  We had ended the day at Michaels.  They had a 25% off coupon that expired at 11am.  We got there at 10:45am and thought we would have 15 minutes to shop.  NO!!  If you had the greeter initial your coupon when you came in, they let you spend all the time you wanted.  Woo Hoo!!  I got some beautiful Christmas garlands to replace some of mine that were broken and weary.  Originally $10 a garland.........$3.75!!!!  Cool, huh?!!

The only bad part of the day was with my knee that I had fallen on the Friday before.  The day before Thanksgiving, when I was changing the bandage, the adhesive ripped off skin.  O U C H!!  So I had to resort to cutting the gauze pad off the bandage, putting in place, and keeping it there with an ace bandage.  It worked pretty good.  The big reason I was trying to keep it moist was that I still had a few small pieces of gravel in the wound that I was slowly getting out.  Well......on black Friday I wore the bandage and really didn't pay too much attention to it until we went to bed.  I guess I had wrapped it too tight.  I had a red rash on the front of my shin and the whole area was swollen.  Sheesh!  I knew it would swell up but hadn't even thought that the bandage was that tight.  It looks ugly right now but I'm finally without bandages.  Isn't the healing of the human body a marvelous thing?

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