Sunday, January 3, 2010

You've gotta play along!


This week the sketch for the Sweet Stop Sketch Challenge is a fun one!  Don't miss out on it.  Click on the Sweet Stop banner to the right where you'll be able to upload your creation on the Sweet Stop blog!!  I needed a birthday card coming up the end of this month.  My son (that's the Jim above) loves Mustangs (the cars).....and BTW.....his dad and I love them too!  When I saw this Mustang Clear Dollar stamp I knew I just had to have it!!  I'm not too thrilled the way it stamps though.  It seems to want to ball the ink up.  I have that problem with a lot of my acrylic stamps so maybe it is just me.

The SSS37 was perfect for me card because the circle reminded me of a wheel and the wheel of the car and the car of the Mustang.  Right!?  I was supposed to have this posted yesterday.  BUT that was the day we took Willie (our dog) in to have his X-rays.  Needless to Sketch blog post was totally forgotten.  I have vowed to be a better design team member this year!!!!!! is my card and the Willie in-depth update is below.

His appt was at 10:40.  The vet's office didn't have them done until after 2pm.  Fortunately we were able to leave him there and accomplish some errands while we waited.  They didn't find anything abnormal on his innards.  He does have a ton of bone spurs on his spine and one is just about touching the next vertibra.  I wonder if it is fused there?  Those bone spurs may explain some of his pain but NOT the excessive water drinking.  So......the vet calls us on Monday to talk about what to do next for the water.  I'm guessing that an ultrasound is next.  This is nickel and diming us to death!!  BUT at least the dog is a little happier now than he was a couple of weeks ago,.  The other good news we had was about his other test.  He doesn't have Addison's disease.  I guess that it a good thing but with that 'no' we still don't have the answer.  Maybe we can make a bunch of money off him in the end by being on one of those "Medical Mysteries" shows on TLC, right!!!?
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Crystal said...

Ann this is FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE this image and these fun colors!!! Great brads all around love that!

Sue from Oregon said...

Great sweetie would love this stamp too. Hey, have you tried a hybrid ink or a craft ink? with those dollar Michaels sets I have played with different inks with better success than my SU pad for sure. Good luck and hope Willie gets better soon!

Crafty Engineering said...

Your coloring on the car is awesome...great guy card! Sorry to hear about your dog! We nearly lost one of our dogs around 3 or 4 years ago...found out he had Addison's Disease. It is definitely an expensive disease to control, monthly shot and daily pill, but he is doing well. That sucks that they cannot figure out the problem...hopefully they will soon!

Nicole said...

HEY Ann! Sorry to hear about your doggie still suffering! Hopefully they will find the answer soon! Beautiful card and your coloring IS just wonderful! Hugs!