Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crazy little toes!

Well, the toes on this card aren't really all that crazy, but the weeks leading up to it have been!!  I made this card for my daughter-in-law's sister's baby shower.  She will be having a baby in about three weeks.  It is her first baby at age 36 and they have been trying for many, many years!!  This little girl will be terribly loved!!  Mommy chose dark brown with pink highlights as her favorite colors for the little yet-to-be-named girl.  Mommy also loves butterflies.......this the card you see!  I used a technique from the Technique Junkie newsletter called Mono dies. 

I really could have used more dies on the card but I was just out of time.  Why?.....might you ask.......would I be so short on time?  Well..........a week from tomorrow is the big car cruise-in my car club hosts.  I have been up to my ears in the planning for it as well as the design for the T-shirt.  In between soliciting for raffle items, working on the computer for forms,  running here and there to finish tasks, and generally being crazy
I had to design the T-shirt.  We are having a Construction theme this year for the cruise-in since the grocery store that has sponsored us for 9 years is being torn down and replaced with a different store.  We thought it was the perfect time to have a Construction theme. I found the cool backhoe clipart online but the person using it said it was from an old clipart collection and he didn't know where.  The original artwork was too small so I had to completely redo it by tracing and coloring in with Paint Shop Pro.   Each participant will receive a small 'toy' hard hat when they enter.  Our food vendor, The Hard Hat Cafe, will have great themed foods and we even have a few games planned with construction themes. can now see why my blog posts have suffered the last month!!  Hopefully, after next Sunday, life will return to a more hectic normal than now!

Accident Update:  Well.......I'm STILL going to the chriopractor, getting massages, and seeing the physical therapist for my lower back (a bulging disc).  I am very weary of this!!  I know that it takes time to heal this type of thing but it is wearing just the same.  I seem to be doing nothing but going to the doctor all the time.  Sometimes I have feeling in my toes in the morning but it seems to quickly disappear after I get up.  Sometimes my siatic nerve bothers me too.  I felt I was on a good road to recovery until we went to Oklahoma for the Shelby Mid-America meet mid June.  The last evening we were on vacation visiting my step mom in Tahlequah, I twisted to one side to look up at her and felt something weird.  I said to myself, "Hmmm.......I don't want to do that again!"  The next morning I couldn't get out of bed.  My low back was absolutely frozen.  I ended up seeing a chiropractor locally.  It was the only way I made it flying that evening.  Lots of pain.  Still some pain but it is almost back to where I was before I left on vacation.  Sheesh!  I'm soooo ready to be done with this!!


Crystal said...

Ann this is sooooo sweet, LOVE the added embossing in the bg!! Darling creation!

The Armstrongs said...

I can't wait to get a t-shirt!!!