Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wishing for summer!

Well, if you saw the weather around Oregon you certainly would be wondering where summer it.  No shorts yet, no sandals.......we've had one day or maybe two that have barely broke 70 degrees!  BUT we can live through our art instead!  Here is a card using the Color Sandwich technique from the June 2011 TJ newsletter.  That cute summer dress is only a dream right now............I actually wore my winter coat the other day......*sigh*.


Sue from Oregon said...

I am in Eugene this weekend, and wearing my coat in the is cold here! Yes, we will have to live through our wonderful warm weather art!!!

Shirley said...

Hi Ann, What a pretty and cute card!! It is Summer here off and on. LOL I want Spring to stay!

On a different note:
I noticed that the Followers thumbnails have been missing for quite a while now. I reported it and you can too here: