Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inked Resist Kids

My title sounds like these kids just aren't going to get inky!  ;-)  Inked Resist is one of the techniques in the Dec/January 2013 Technique Junkie newsletter.  I've had this stamp for a while and it never saw ink.    The words are  from Stamp camp....... it is a wonderful 12 stamp set with lots of Bible sayings.  I really LOVE it!  The kids......maybe Innovative Stamp Creations OR maybe I Brake for stamps.....not sure.  I'm so bad at labeling them. 

The last couple of days have been soooo pretty outside.  We have been fogged in for several days but it has been cold enough that the fog has been freezing on trees and plants.  We went around and took hundreds of photos around the house.  Here are a couple for your enjoyment!  The first flower is Vibunum Bodnantense.  It always blooms all December into January.  The whole bunch of flowers is about 1.5 in in diameter.

Here is some witch hazel.    I love the way the frost 'grew' down from the flowers.
Rhododendron smirnowii has been blooming since Christmas.  I think this frost will pretty much put it away.
Isn't the way the frost is on the leaves just beautiful?


wwilloww said...

I love your ink resist kids card and your frost photos are so gorgeous!!!

Cathy Y said...

Ann, your flower pictures are spectacular! Thanks for posting them.