Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the Middle Cleanup

It is funny what you find when you are cleaning up your stamp room. My desk has a real nasty habit of piling up so today was the depiling day. I found the front of this card that I had made a few months back. Funny how it looks better today than the day I made it. That cool looking rose stamp isn't really a stamp at all. It is actually the cut off end of a bunch of celery. Isn't that cool? I used a Technique Junkie technique called in the middle.

The other thing I found on my desk while cleaning up was a project that was only half finished. I did an image trade with a friend and my images back to her have been delayed......a LONG time! I thought, Enough is enough!! I finished getting them stamped up and they will go with this card to her.

I hope that you enjoy!

1 comment:

wwilloww said...

I love your use for that throw away part of celery... The flowers are beautiful, it's a great card!!!