Monday, February 4, 2013

Two for Hambo

Last week was a bit hectic and I didn't get to do the Hambo Challenge so this week I did two quick ones as birthday cards.  Our family has a ton of birthdays this time of year.  5 between Jan 29 and Feb 12.  So.......we celebrate as one big day.  This year it was to be on Super Bowl Sunday.  That was until the grandkids started to drop like flies with the recent fever flue going around.  Some of them have been down about a week.  Poor kiddos. are two of the five I made.   Both are colored with copics.

The inside of the bird one says, Happy Birthday, you ol' bird you!

The inside of the laughing one says "You HOW old?"  I had to extend the image just a little to reach the bottom of the oval.

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