Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stained Embossing Spoiler

This week's Technique of the Week for Technique Junkies  was Embossed Gelatos but.....since I don't own any of those, I chose a different technique for you from the newest June newsletter!!


I really LOVE this technique.  It really has a lot of interest and it quite easy to do....AND gives a lovely result.  I hope you have a ton of fun playing with it when you get your June newsletter....Only 2 days away!!

This card would be perfect for a man.  No stamping at all!  I've had that fleur de lis punch for AGES and when I grabbed my fleur de lis embossing folder, it just seemed like a match made in heaven!  The fleur de lis circles and the circles behind them are bumped up with foam tape.

We had a wonderful time in Oklahoma with my step-mom.  We were there for her birthday, she turned 97!

It was really stormy when we arrived in Tulsa the Tuesday after the tornado hit Moore.  The plane even slid a little on touchdown.  The weather worked in our favor at the car rental place.  The Taurus we had rented was gone and she had upgraded us to a SUV......but.....we really didn't want an SUV.  It would be harder for Gerry to get into.  So, I looked around....they sure had a lot of Mustang Convertibles sitting around not going anywhere.  So, we said that if we could have it for only $10/day more, we love to have one of those.  The clerk checked and said 'Yes!"  Yeah!!  We had a lot of fun with that convertible.  We even took Gerry out to get ice cream with the top down.  Weather was wonderful for 90% of the the low 80's.  Perfect!    We had a wonderful time getting her little things for her birthday.  We got to sing to her at least three times that day.  Hard to believe she is 97 when you look at her!


wwilloww said...

Your card is beautiful but your Step Mom is the real star!!! She is the true beauty!!! Glad the weather held for her celebration...

Sue from Oregon said...

I can not believe your step mom is in her 90's-she looks so young!!!

Great card today!

Are you home this weekend?