Monday, September 29, 2014

Colored Silk

Hi, Bloggers!  Well.....I'm finally getting some time to blog and stamp.  It feels soooo good.  For the last three weeks we were working on our long driveway.  (story following, card info below if you want to skip) 
It was time to pressure wash it and reseal it.  Quite expensive to have it done so we decided to do it ourselves.  The drive is almost 10 years old and we had never sealed it before.  Once the power washing was done there were lots of pits where we had washed out the dirt and moss.....lots and lots of moss.  We are completely treed with oaks so not much sun gets to the drive.  We decided that we could only do 2/3 of it this year.  There is a total of over 10,000 sq feet of driveway!  Wow!  The day we finished my daughter, Leah, came over with her two children.  While we were working on her project, her son comes in the back door.  As he walked on the vinyl you could hear his shoes sticking!  STOP!  I yelled.  Did you walk over to the shop?  I asked.    NO!  he said.  You have tar on your shoes!  I replied.  I've got it on my hands too, he replied!   AUGH!!!!!!    While we were cleaning up the hands, shoes and floor, my husband went into the garage.  He came back into the house and said.  Well......he was right.....he didn't walk over to the shop......he rode his Big Wheel over there.  You have go to be kidding me.  We JUST finished over there.  I said to my grandson.....Didn't those containers blocking the way to the shop mean anything to you?  No....was his reply.  Well, I guess when you are 6 years old, life experience of items blocking the way for a large vehicle may not mean anything for a little ol' Hot Wheel.  Thought you'd like to see the picture of his escapade.  It took a whole bucket of sealer to redo the area.  BTW.....we ended up using 53 five gallon buckets of sealer to get the job done.  We staged the bike for the picture.
Here is a card that I designed for the August Technique Junkie Newsletter.  It uses a technique called Colored Silk.  This technique gives such a beautiful background!!  The image is from I Brake For Stamps in their Embossing Arts section.  I've had this stamp for years and it is just a classic.  Colored with copic markers.


wwilloww said...

LOL That will be a family story for a very long time!!! Your card is beautiful and I'm doing well. Thanks for asking... Take care!

April Puzzuoli said...

Your cards are wonderful examples of the different techniques. I'm looking forward trying them.