Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lifebook Week 4

Well....I'm a little behind on my Lifebook art work but am hopefully catching up.  This Courage dear heart ballerina was intimidating for me!  I put her off for a good week using housework as my excuse.  I like the way she came out.  If you had a x-ray machine, you would see that she has two additional faces tucked under the paint.  I just couldn't get her the way I wanted!  The skirt was really fun to do.  I painted it dark purple with bright green over, then used a catalyst to scribe in the dark lines.  Then over painted with lighter colors and dots, lots of Pitt white pen dots and fluff swirls. 

Yup.....took courage this week but I did it!!

All artwork is considered for sale too....;-)

1 comment:

Sue from Oregon said...

Ha! The many faces of Eve! This is very fun!!