Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Week 5

If you are wondering how week 6 got before week 5, it is because I just couldn't wrap my brain around how I wanted to attack the lesson.  The original lesson used a doily and I use the ones that I have so that was out.  Decided to use a stencil with thick gesso, then that blank expanse of white paper just stared at me in all its defiance!  I finally saw a few other examples that made me make the jump and put paint on the white! 

I used Distress paint daubers all over the background and blended with my finger and a little extra water.  The darker color didn't collect around the stencil like I hoped so I actually ended up lining around the raised areas.  The dauber that really ramped it up with the Burnished Bronze (I think that's the color).  It is a beautiful metallic that gave it an aged look.  The scratchy look around the outer edge of the dream catcher are words that are scribbly written.  Words that I want the catcher to keep and not get to me!  ;-)

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