Monday, February 23, 2015

Lifebook 2015 - Week 8

This week was a lesson on some abstract art.  I guess my mind is just not wired to do abstract.  I followed the lesson and just let the painting take me where it would.  It turned into a landscape.  Hahahaha.  Well, somewhat of an abstract landscape.  Part of the lesson was to use gold leaf.  Since I had gold foiling from rubber stamping, I thought I'd use it since I seldom do! 

I gilded the boat, then used a foil that was multi-colored on the flowers on the bank, the flags of the boat, then the upper left corner.    The boat just seemed to to make it look like it had come from somewhere, I added some glitter glue behind it.  I'm pleased with what it morphed into but one of these days I really need to try abstract again!

I hope you enjoy the Lifebook lessons and that I'm not boring you to tears with them! 


Sue from Oregon said...

Such rich and lucious colors Ann!!!

wwilloww said...

Gosh I think it is gorgeous and it seems abstract or maybe impressionistic at the very least to me. At any rate, it is your work of art and I love it!!!

Catherine Kraft said...

Loving your art Ann! (enjoyed my private showing last Friday!!)