Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter is coming!

I had a chance to play with a friend last Friday.  It felt so good to have some crafting time.  It was even better that my craft room got cleaned up.  For a long time, it was a victim of "throw & go".  You know, no time to really put it away so you just throw it somewhere in the room and intend to return later to put it away.  Only 'later' never really comes.  Took a number of hours to make it nice and presentable but I'm so happy it got done!

We used Elizabeth Craft stickers and her glitter to create the lovely flowers for the cards.  They were colored in with copic markers.  It is such a fast and easy way to make a card look heavenly!   I have a new Minc laminator and am soooo pleased with it.  It is amazing and I love the foiling that it does.   The one thing that really impressed me is the warm up time for the unit.  My regular laminator that wasn't half as good would take around 5 minutes to heat up.  The Minc.......less than a minute!   I put the oval scallop die in my scanner and printed out the resulting scan with my laser printer.  I foiled the copy of the die then cut it out using the same die.  The result is a lovely foiled piece that you can see behind the colored sticker.

So, I'll be posting about a card a day to show you what I made this week.  I also did some Easter baskets for the grandkids and I'll post them as well.  Hope you enjoy!

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donna said...

Beautifully detailed treasure!!