Saturday, October 24, 2009

AND more!

This card turned out TOTALLY different that I first imangined it.  Which happens often!!  I was originally wanting the dark layer on top of the image so the shell was recessed but the cut edge to the inside of the nestie just didn't look right.  I thought that maybe impressing the nestie shape on the shell would give the umph that I wanted under the dark layer but no I flipped the layers and voila!  Success!  The shell is colored with copics and is an image from a Stampin Up set that I purchased from Kimm!  Thanks, Kimm.....I LOVE my set.  If you look real close you can see that there is a little Gelly Roll sparkle on the shell.  It was terribly hard for me to just leave this card as it was.......I really wanted to jazz it up with more layers and embellishments but know that some people like more simple cards so I tried to create some! Funny how the outside light changed the color of the card more golden looking that the picture.  Thanks for looking! 

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Inkerbelle said...

This is gor-juss, Ann!!