Friday, October 30, 2009

A little wine!

Would you like a little bit of cheese with that wine?  Thought I'd color up a few tumbled coasters for my sale since I had them in the Stamp Hole and would like that room for something else.  They were stamped with black StazOn ink and colored with prismacolor pencils.  I have a coaster that I stamped and colored this way several years ago and it has done so well.  So........I have several boxes of the tumbled tiles so I'll do 3 or 4 different images on them.  I like this wine one.  If you were buying them, what other images would you like to see on them?    I needed to watch Zander today while his mommy and daddy celebrated their 5th anniversary.  Hard to think that it has been 5 years already.  They took the underground tour in Portland.  I'll be anxious to hear about that.....we've wanted to take that tour for a while now!  They will be eating dinner in the restaurant where Adam proposed to Leah.  We went to the Portland City Grill for my daughter, Angie's, birthday.  So being there with lots of family was easy.  Adam had talked to the waiters and had a special costume set aside in a back room.  After our dinner and while we were waiting for dessert, several of us went out to go to the bathroom.  Perfect timing for Adam to sneak out and get dressed.  He had borrowed a real helmut and breastplate of a knight (his were leather) as well as a real sword.  He was sooooo nervous. It was also natural for us to have our cameras there since it was Angie's birthday.  My daughter, Leah, didn't see Adam coming back but all the waiters and waitresses were gathered and knew what was going to happen.  He walked up and told her that he wanted to be her knight in shining armor forever and would she marry him.  I'm sure she remembers all the words better than me.  When she said yes, all the waiters and waitresses and half the restaurant cheered.  It was such a fun time. after that long story, please remember to tell me what other images you think would be great for the coasters!

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Sue from Oregon said...

what a great story Ann. I was thinking of trying my hand at these too. How hard was it to color with prisma's. did you seal them? how about copics....100 questions later LOL!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a wonderful story, what girl could resist her Knight in shinning armor? Bact to your tiles, really cool design and colors. I've always really liked leafs. You could do sets in different colors, fall and spring. just a thought!