Thursday, October 15, 2009

Faux Marbeling from TJ

When you do cards for a TJ newsletter as a design team member, they are completed several months before the newsletter arrives at your doorstep.  So, I often forget to post the ones I have created.  Here are the cards I created for the faux marbeling technique.  (Remember.....if you aren't a NEED this newsletter to have ALL the directions for the techniques!)  Instead of exactly following the directions for the veining part, I held my pen at the very end opposite the tip and lightly drug it across the paper.  That way the pen kind of went where it wanted and created more realistic veins.  The butterfly shadow was made with copics to make it look like it was more 3-D when it was flat!  The flowers on the second card are made following the instructions on Splitcoaststampers.  They are quite easy.  I have seen them done with more ornate border punches as well.  Hope you enjoy. 

Tomorrow I'll post the cards I did for the faux paneling technique.  I had two other cards for October's submissions but it was for a technique that was postponed until December!  Can't wait to show those to you.  I'll have examples of most everything from my blog at my upcoming card sale in November!

This week I should have gotten more grandson, Zander, was sick.  All the grandkids have been sick.  Breauna has had the flu and was home Mon, Tues & Wed with fever....haven't heard about today yet.  Poor kids.  Some of the moms have been sick too.  I say.....Keep them away from me!!  I don't want the flu.  I don't have time!!  I did get some filming done for new techniques!!  No sharing though!

My 36th anniversary was on the 13th.  We went out to dinner at a new place with one of our coupons.  THIS restaurant was quite wonderful.....unlike the Smokey Mountain BBQ place!  It was a Thai restaurant and everything was absolutely deee--licious!  We took Jim, Ahtia and Little Jim with us as their anniversary was on the 14th!


Crystal said...

Ann this is BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE LOVE your flower and butterfly!

the PaperTemptress said...

36 Years my goodness, that is great! Congratulations!!

the PaperTemptress

Barb g (WV) said...

oooh WOW...these are beautiful...your faux marbeling is gorgeous! I get the TJ newsletter, but seldom take time to try any of the techniques...I might just have to dig this one out!