Sunday, July 29, 2012

Morning Glories can Hurt!!

So.......I'm weeding in the garden.  See some morning glories in one of the beds and think....I better get rid of them when I see them!!  They are just a pest.  So I start weeding when BAM!!  I get stung by a yellow jacket.  I said some really bad words as I ran away. Came in the house and put some googled bee sting treatments on the sting.  Still hurts like the dickens an hour later.  Hopefully sleeping won't be an issue!

Speaking of sleeping.  I sure seem to have gotten a lot of couch time in the last 24 hours!  Came home from our car club's big event of the year (our cruise-in) and crashed on the couch.  Slept for three hours.....I was really tired!!  Got up to go to bed (hee hee).  About midnight we get a call from our daughter.  We went to her house for three hours last night while she went to ER to have her head examined.  She got hit in the head with a softball yesterday in their game.....really hard.  At midnight she felt a little sick to her stomach and decided to make sure she hadn't crack her skull.  CT scan said nothing broken so she just had a bad concussion.  Gave her medicine for the nausea.    Thanking God that her skull wasn't cracked.   As she was getting ready to leave ER last night she said to the Doctor.  "So.......can I play in the game tomorrow?"  He started to hem and hah with an answer and she said "Just kidding!"  ;-) 

Thinking of how much her head hurts, my bee sting seems like a drop in the bucket really.

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