Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glitter Ribbons

Today is the birthday party for my granddaughter, Breauna.     So.....I go to the wrapping paper birthday paper......figures.  So, I grabbed the gold Christmas paper and purple wired ribbon from Costco and her package looks fabulous.  Very classy!  I know that she will like it.  So.....I want to make a card that matched the package.  As I rummaged through my background container, a piece using the Technique Junkie technique called Glitter Ribbons jumped out at me.  This piece of glitter ribbons will match her package great!  I added a bunch of stars since the inside says "You're the star of the day!" Naturally, the glitter is sooo much prettier in real life!  Pretty simple quick and lots of quick bling.  The yellowy looking paper is in reality a cool gold paper with some sparkle in it.

My tip of the day to you is.......when you get the TJ newsletter pick a couple of the techniques that you know will take some time and might be messy. Make lots of the backgrounds and store them away for those days when you need something quick. Make sure you mark the name of the technique on the back of the piece.

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Sue from Oregon said...

my girls always loved 'glittery' anything, so I am sure Breauna will love this!