Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Craft Mats for Sale

Hi, bloggers!  Just wanted to let you know that I have restocked my Etsy shop with more craft mats.  They are 42" x 24" and only $30 including shipping in the US.   I'll consider International shipping and can quote you a shipping price that is above what I have allotted on the listing.

Check them out HERE.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lifebook 2015 - Week 8

This week was a lesson on some abstract art.  I guess my mind is just not wired to do abstract.  I followed the lesson and just let the painting take me where it would.  It turned into a landscape.  Hahahaha.  Well, somewhat of an abstract landscape.  Part of the lesson was to use gold leaf.  Since I had gold foiling from rubber stamping, I thought I'd use it since I seldom do! 

I gilded the boat, then used a foil that was multi-colored on the flowers on the bank, the flags of the boat, then the upper left corner.    The boat just seemed to be.....there........so to make it look like it had come from somewhere, I added some glitter glue behind it.  I'm pleased with what it morphed into but one of these days I really need to try abstract again!

I hope you enjoy the Lifebook lessons and that I'm not boring you to tears with them! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lifebook 2015 - Week 7

Magical Mystery Tour class had your house of love on your head.  I guess it is always on my mind!  We were supposed to leave the top right of the roof unglued so we could stick in little slips of paper with our words on it.  I forgot.....   So, I put the heart with the words on it instead.   I wish I could redo the hearts coming out of the chimney.....don't like them.  Since my hair is white and my eyes blue, I made the person under the house to look like me!  ;-)  Hope you enjoy.  It was fun and fairly quick to make. 

Radiant Faces

As a Radiant Faces student I want to let you know that Effy Wild is offering this wonderful course at a reduced rate HERE!  $45!!!!!  There are 9 in depth lessons from 9 different well known artists PLUS 9 more in depth videos from Effy as she works through each of the artist's lessons. 

I found her lessons just as valuable as the ones from the original artists as she encounters problems and works through them just like I might need to.

All the videos are downloadable for later viewing.  If you have been on the fence about this class, please JUMP at this opportunity.  This is a LOT of bang for the buck!!   The image below is from Lesson 4 with Julie Gibbons. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Copic Manual

A number of years ago I was certified as a Copic instructor.  It didn't take me long to figure out that I wanted to teach classes.  So I took the Beginning class the second time to learn how to teach it.  After spending a LOT of time, I developed my own teaching manual for a three hour beginning class.  Over the last 4.5 years I've taught 100's of students and all who took the class were so pleased.  Now you can learn too!  You won't have the one on one that you would get in the class but you can have the instruction without the travel and extra cost.  I have a .pdf of my manual for sale for $10.

About 2.5 years ago, I also took the Intermediate Copic certification class.  Since that class I have taught an Advanced class.  The Advanced class manual also for sale for $10. 

Interested?  If so, send me an e-mail at acclack at msn dot com and I can send you a PP invoice. 

The file is a digital .pdf file.  A .pdf reader is available online for free! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Week 5

If you are wondering how week 6 got before week 5, it is because I just couldn't wrap my brain around how I wanted to attack the lesson.  The original lesson used a doily and I use the ones that I have so that was out.  Decided to use a stencil with thick gesso, then that blank expanse of white paper just stared at me in all its defiance!  I finally saw a few other examples that made me make the jump and put paint on the white! 

I used Distress paint daubers all over the background and blended with my finger and a little extra water.  The darker color didn't collect around the stencil like I hoped so I actually ended up lining around the raised areas.  The dauber that really ramped it up with the Burnished Bronze (I think that's the color).  It is a beautiful metallic that gave it an aged look.  The scratchy look around the outer edge of the dream catcher are words that are scribbly written.  Words that I want the catcher to keep and not get to me!  ;-)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lifebook 2015 - Week 6 - Seeds of Love

When I saw a painting using this technique from Tamara Laporte I asked her if she had a class for it.  She said LIFEBOOK!  This class is the whole reason I signed up for the class.  I did love the lesson.

Paint....Paint is a really new medium for me and I can say that I truly do NOT have a handle on how to use it yet.  I can see that it will take a LOT of time!!  My blending skills are beginner.  My doodling skills are........pre-school...    My brain has a lot of wonderful ideas that my hands just can't seem to get right yet!!  But I'm growing and each new lesson helps me to learn how to use this new medium.

I hope you enjoy. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The newest CD is HERE!

Today is release day for the newest Technique Junkie CD!  My card below is from the techniques featured.  Don't delay....get yours today!!!

Use your STASH!

We've all bought them -- gobs of Washi Tape and spools of ribbon. Now what do we do with them?

Our newest CD,
Washi Tape + Ribbons, is available today! For just $9.95 (plus shipping), you will have 33 tutorials for using those little strips of loveliness in ways you haven't imagined! 
Go to the Washi Tape + Ribbons Page HERE: to order and/or to access the table of contents for the CD.  (Best viewed in Chrome or Firefox)
Have fun using your stash!
Pat Huntoon