Friday, March 27, 2015

Back to our regularly scheduled program!

Thank you for putting up with my oily posts!  When you start a new adventure you are naturally excited about it.  BUT.......let's get back to some art!!  Below is a picture of the thank you card I made for the donors for the trophies at our Rhododendron Society flower show.  I'm in charge of soliciting the funds, purchasing the trophies and conducting the judging at our two shows.    Each year I make a thank you card for each of them.  The postage stamp on this card is a copy of an actual stamp, enlarged, printed and embossed with clear.  I made it clean and simple this year.  I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Oily website is live!

My daughter and I worked super hard to get our Oily website up and running and we are done!

We would LOVE if you came and looked it over!  There is an option to sign up for e-mail notifications there as well.     We created it to share our love of the oils and how we use them.

We just have a few posts up and running now but will be putting more on at least once to twice a week.   Our next post will be tomorrow morning and will feature my daughter's testimony about a troublesome spot on her eyelid and how her moisturizer recipe helped it!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I'm getting Oily!!

Disclaimer: arty blog will NOT be turned into an oily blog.  I will be having a separate site for that.  BUT for now, I just couldn't wait to tell you how excited I am about oils!


I've used essential oils for a while now.  Find them most valuable!!  So, since I love them so much, I decided that I needed the most pure oils out there.  I am now a Young Living distributor!!!   I'm very excited about the prospect of sharing my oily experiences with anyone.  It is amazing how many people want to help themselves and oils happen to fit the bill!   Whenever something happens now, my response is "I have an oil for that!"

Here is one of my own know when you can just feel that fever blister (cold sore) coming on?  The last time this happened I decided to try an essential oil on it.  I used Lemongrass and not only was the cold sore gone in 4 days instead of 10 days, even the little scab was gone!!  THAT was amazing to me.  I've also heard that Frankincense helps as well.

I also found this really cool site that has hundreds of other testimonials.  You can view it here:
You can even contact me through that site OR here if you have questions.

I decided that the Premium started kit was such a good deal that I just couldn't say no!!  $300 of product for only $150!!  Including a diffuser!!!   A super way to get expensive oils at a VERY good price.  If you think you are interested in this kit, click HERE.    No obligations to do ANYTHING after you get the kit either.  That was a HUGE selling point to me!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lifebook 2015 Tree of Life

My Tree of Life (which was a bonus lesson) became a Tree of Love instead!  The little swinging girl in the lesson had her hair flowing forward and her legs going back. me that meant that she was swinging back.  So, I changed her since I want my little girl swinging forward.  I'm moving forward in my art so I wanted her to be doing the same.  I remember seeing some car commercials recently where these transparent hearts were fading in and out along the top of the screen.  So, I thought that instead of the lesson's stars in the tree, I would use the hearts instead.  In real life, there is some glitter around the hearts and it is very sparkly.    I wasn't too pleased with the face, having painted over my attempts three times.  Augh!

Hope you enjoy!