Saturday, May 22, 2010

A quick one!

Hope you are having a great weekend? Mine will be full of rain. Which isn't entirely a bad thing......that means I'll have time to stamp!! I actually totally spaced that I needed to have this card done for the Technique Junkie blog and ran downstairs last night after our family left. Had this card done in a jiffy. The background is called Brayered impressions from the Dec 09 newsletter. I submitted the technique but I don't think I was the first to really think of it! It is so fast and fun. 

Mom Update:  Mom got a prescription from the ER doctor and has an appointment to see her new doctor in about 12 days or so.   I'm sure she will want to pursue natural treatments once her BP is controlled with meds.  I know she really doesn't want to take the meds!  Can't blame her for that.  I tried natural stuff but it didn't seem to help me.

Accident update on me.........had an MRI on Thursday and Dr. shared the results with me at my appointment on Friday.  Yes......this is a disc bulging and that is why my toes are numb.  The real question is whether it was caused by the accident or not.  I'd say that my toes didn't have issues before the accident so it at least aggrevated any problem I may have had if it didn't cause it to begin with.  Chiropractor said that she may add PT into my treatment plan. 

All the kids came over tonight to celebrate my 57th bday!  Got some mad money, a certificate for a pedicure, and a insulated cookie sheet (I needed that!).  Thank you all!  {Mwah!}

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mom Update

Mom did decide she would do the BP meds and we have a GP appointment in two weeks.  I hope things start getting back to normal.

Had a nice birthday today........, appointment in the morning and MRI at noon for my back, piano lesson in the afternoon, rhododendron society meeting where I gave out the trophy award certificates in the evening.  My kids will be coming over tomorrow night.  My daughter=in-law had three of the youngest grandkids do a birthday video for sweet.  It is on my facebook page!

I'm hoping to get some stamping done tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ER & Mom

Took my mom to ER last night. She came upstairs and said that she felt weird.  As she was standing at her microwave drying flowers in her Microfleur, she said that her vision was blurry and white.  Her ears were sensitive to noise, she even was holding her hands over her ears because the piano I was playing seemed too loud.  General weakness.  I had asked her to smile and nothing looked crooked (like a stroke).  She was having trouble coming up with words to items she knew (like 'microwave').  Decided to take her BP and it was 210/94.  That's when we decided to take her into ER. Got there at 8pm and got home at 2:30am.  I am so pooped.....Zander arrived at 8am so I'm running low on energy for watching my sweet 'almost 2 year old' grandson.  The doctor did an EKG, CAT scan, Ultrasound on her carotids, and blood work.  After waiting (soooooooo boring) all the test came back okay.  Diagnosis.....TIA's.  Take a full aspirin each day and get on BP meds.  My mother does NOT want to do the BP meds.  Most all meds give her some kind of bad reaction and she is fearful of starting some.  I hope she can make a good decision about BP meds.....I'd like to have her around for a long time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Zindorfian time!

This last Saturday I was priviledged to take the Beginning and Advanced Classes from Michelle Zindorf.  I had a wonderful time with sevearl local friends.  Met some more local ladies there as well.  Yeah!  Now I finally know how to brayer without those pesky lines on my work.  Thanks so much, Michelle, for your tutoring.  Here is a picture of most of us.  This picture is missing several of our members though....a mother/daughter team.  I hope that you'll see some Zindorfian work in the future.  I told Michelle that her last name lent itself to saying that much more than mine.  Zindorfian......sounds fun.  Clackian....not so much!  BTW.....that's me next to Michelle.....I'm the one with the white hair!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A fun one for a friend

An older lady at church normally gets cards from me at my yearly card sale.   But last week at church she came to me with a special request.  A funny card for a 70 year old man.  Hmmmm..........well......I happened onto the Sketch challenge over at Hogs & Sketches (by Hambo Stamps) and I decided that I would participate.  THEN I saw the card that Monica (one of Hambo's owners) made.  Her sentiment was just perfect for an older man so I decided to use it with a little tweak of my own.  Since I was using the freebie bongo Henry, the sentiment had to reflect him!  The inside of the card says  "Old!"  ALSO, stolen from Monica.  Thanks Monica for your inspiration!  Henry is colored with copic markers.  The 70 was hand drawn and colored in.  I only had a quickly hand drawn sketch of this week's sketch.......I guess I reversed the sizes of the small circles......sorry!

Nope......I haven't fallen off!

It has been so long since I posted on my blog, I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth!  Nope....just terribly busy!  Here is the card that I made for my Mother for Mother's Day.  It uses the Masked Spellbinders technique from the April 2010 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter. 

Today I received a card in the mail from Cathy Yamashita and it was just beautiful.  It inspired me to create this card.....since I didn't have it done yet!  The stamps are from Stamp Camp and Hero Arts.  The inside over flowers are colored with copic markers. 

When I stamped the sentiment, it marked where it shouldn't have....drat!!  So, I decided to cover up the mistake by drawing the rosebud.   When problems like that happen, try to cover them up in a creative way. 

The bird is cut out and mounted with foam tape.  The green layer is lighter in real life.  The lighting really did funny things to it.  My overhead light also illuminated the pearls.  They don't really shine like that!!

This will be a busy weekend........ Ray and I will be working at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden all weekend.  He helps with judging and recording and later plant sales.  I am in charge of the trophies, their purchase and display, as well as the judging process to award them. 

This has been a good week for me.  I've felt the best I have since the accident.  A general feeling of well being.  The shoulders are still a little tight but the hip is hurting less.  The toes are still numb but I think they are getting a little better too.  Yeah!!