Monday, September 26, 2016

Foiling info and something for your school

Have  any of you tried foiling with the new Minc? It is so much fun. But that foil is pretty expensive! I found a company out of Hillsboro Oregon that sells 100 foot rolls of foil (6" wide) at a really affordable price.  $26.62.  I just thought you might like to  know that.   Especially with Christmas coming up!

Now.......that company is giving away a laminator to the school of your choice!  Would t that be awesome for your school?  Here is the link to enter.

And......don't forget to enter to get the car diffuser  I posted about last week!  See the previous post about that.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My two loves!

Love #1 - Most of you know that I love my cards...yes I do!  Crafting with friends and for my family are close to my heart and my craft area shows it!!  This card features a technique that makes it look like a quilt.  This image is one of my those ruby slippers.  Halloween is coming up and that stamp (from Technique Junkies) would be perfect for some cards!  (think wicked witch).

Love #2 - Some of you may know that my second love is Essential Oils!!  So, I have a contest running over on my other blog and I would love it if you would enter!  The prize is the car diffuser shown below and a 5ml bottle of Stress Away.  Click HERE to go there and enter.  Instructions are on that page.  I don't sell any product on that blog but there IS a lot of info about essential oils!  I hope that you take a look around while you are there!  My passion for EO's started when I decided to be pro-active in eliminating chemicals from my life.  My morning routine has gone from 112 chemicals to almost zero!!!  If you have questions....I have answers!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Store is re-supplied!

When you are crafting there are times when you just need to cover a large area of your work surface!  I just restocked my Etsy store with my 42" x 24" Teflon Craft Sheets!  These are the same thickness and quality of other name brand Teflon Craft Sheets but mine are WAY bigger.  Even with the shipping cost....they are cheaper!!  If you wish, you may share this info with your friends!  The cost INCLUDING SHIPPING is only $35.  I ship quickly and priority!  Unfortunately, I can only ship within the international because of the rise in shipping costs.

Here is the link to my ETSY LISTING.