Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My two loves!

Love #1 - Most of you know that I love my cards...yes I do!  Crafting with friends and for my family are close to my heart and my craft area shows it!!  This card features a technique that makes it look like a quilt.  This image is one of my those ruby slippers.  Halloween is coming up and that stamp (from Technique Junkies) would be perfect for some cards!  (think wicked witch).

Love #2 - Some of you may know that my second love is Essential Oils!!  So, I have a contest running over on my other blog and I would love it if you would enter!  The prize is the car diffuser shown below and a 5ml bottle of Stress Away.  Click HERE to go there and enter.  Instructions are on that page.  I don't sell any product on that blog but there IS a lot of info about essential oils!  I hope that you take a look around while you are there!  My passion for EO's started when I decided to be pro-active in eliminating chemicals from my life.  My morning routine has gone from 112 chemicals to almost zero!!!  If you have questions....I have answers!

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