Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still for sale

I still have a few sets for sale.   Let me know if you are interested.   Good prices!!!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding White

I made this card for a friend who got married recently.  I liked it very much and decided to make 4 more for my upcoming sale.  Think I might layer the card one more layer though......give it a little more substance when you open it.  I had a bugger of a time with the pointy lacey spellbinder's die.  Had to use waxed paper with every single cut on it.  Looks like waxed paper needs to be on my next shopping list too!  The flower, swirl, butterfly, oval and shape behind sentiment are also Spellbinders dies.  Added lots of pearls and of course, glitter!  Having fun with my newest dies....can't you tell?!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's a Blog Hop for the new Great Gifts CD!!!!!!

"Today's project is in celebration of the launch of the NEW Great Gifts CD from The Technique Junkie Newsletter! The CD contains 40 papercrafting projects with gifts for all occasions. There are boxes, bags, surprises and even explosions on this CD! The CD is just $14.95 plus postage. A full list of what is on the CD – with pictures of each project – is available HERE 
Please use my link below to order.....THANK YOU!

ORDER YOUR CD HERE!!!  (drop down list shows ALL the CD's available!)

Select One or More CDs to add to your order

If you started here, you may want to head back to the Design Team blog, so  you can see all of the gorgeous artwork from the very beginning.   If you arrived here from Nancy Dawson's blog, you are in the right place!

The Project I am featuring is The Pyramid Box.   I orginally saw a pyramid similar to this but it was tiny.  Only 4" tall.  I thought to myself........what in the world can you do with something so small?  So, with a little bit of changing, I made a new pyramid and increased the size to about 7" tall.  NOW you can do something with it.  For my pyramid, I decided to 'fill' it with a 3-D flower with a hovering butterfly and sentiment.  It is really quite fun to open the pyramid and find such a beautiful surprise inside!!!

The flower and leaves were created with Stamps from Heartfelt Creations and colored with copics.   I used black chipboard for the square to close it along with a charm hanging from a beaded hat pin.  It takes a little time to make but it is really fun.  I've actually made 15 of them for my upcoming card sale this fall!  The directions on the CD help you create this box without a template!  Awesome!!!

NOW.....if you like Orange and Pink you'll NEED to hop right along to Jane Bosi's blog and see her splendid project!
Here is our blog hop order just in case you get lost:

Design Team Blog Judy Jackson
Shelly Hickox
3: Nancy Dawson
4: Ann Clack:  This is where you are now!!
Jane Bosi
6: Hetty Sanders
Holly Brown
8: Beth
9: Jackie Kalchert
10: Shelly Schmidt
11. Pat Huntoon

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pale Sympathy

This is a sympathy card I made up for my upcoming card sale. I used the Cuttlebug Highlights technique for this card. That technique is fast and easy and adds a lot for the little bit of effort! Hope you enjoy! The picture did funky things to the really is just grogain ribbon that is flat!   I saw a card similar to this just recently but I'll be darned if I can remember where! 

I'm ramping up card production now that some of my 3-D items are made.  Sometimes I wonder why, oh why, do I always wait until there is a time crunch?!    Getting lots of cards done but the house is suffering........  The dust bunnies are scampering everywhere!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some Stuff I'm selling

Okay.......these items are up for sale at  If you are interested in them, let me know which one and I'll sell to you from my blog.  Postage is fixed unless you get more than one item, then I can let you know the postage.  I can do PayPal.   

Here are the pictures of the items I have for sale. is the link to my Facebook photo album with pictures and yardsellr links for prices. 

STAMP sets below still available as of Oct 7, 2012.  Make me an offer!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glitter Ribbons

Today is the birthday party for my granddaughter, Breauna.     So.....I go to the wrapping paper birthday paper......figures.  So, I grabbed the gold Christmas paper and purple wired ribbon from Costco and her package looks fabulous.  Very classy!  I know that she will like it.  So.....I want to make a card that matched the package.  As I rummaged through my background container, a piece using the Technique Junkie technique called Glitter Ribbons jumped out at me.  This piece of glitter ribbons will match her package great!  I added a bunch of stars since the inside says "You're the star of the day!" Naturally, the glitter is sooo much prettier in real life!  Pretty simple quick and lots of quick bling.  The yellowy looking paper is in reality a cool gold paper with some sparkle in it.

My tip of the day to you is.......when you get the TJ newsletter pick a couple of the techniques that you know will take some time and might be messy. Make lots of the backgrounds and store them away for those days when you need something quick. Make sure you mark the name of the technique on the back of the piece.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One of those Ooooooo! to Oh No!! Days

It was super busy today....running here and there.....taking the dogs to the groomer, going to a Ladies in the Hood luncheon......going back to get the dogs.  I picked up the mail on the way to get the dogs.  Oh Boy!!!   There is a package for me from Colleen Schaan!  I know what it is too.......I won some blog candy from her but had no idea what was coming my way.

So, I open the package and take a sheet with rubber stamps clinging to it.  Cool.......darling elephant with roses (plus 3 more) and a really cute bear with balloons and more with that set too.  These will be so cool for kid's cards.  I'm excited about that set. 

I reach in again.....this time I pull out a 4 stamp set from MFT.  Love MFT.    "Cool!"  I said.

I reach in again and come out with ANOTHER MFT set.    "Wow!", I said, "I love MFT!" 

I reach in yet again and come out with a darling jelly fish from Kimmie's.  "Love it!"  I said.

I reach in again and pull our a grey memento pad!   "Whoo Hoo! I wanted one of these!"  I said. 

Each time I reach in it was just getting better and better.  The next set was from Our Craft Lounge!  Love that set.  (I happened to have that set already so I'll be paying it forward and letting someone win it from my blog!). 

I reach in again and pull out a Lighthouse oval set from Just Rite.  "This is just getting better and better!"  I said.

Lastly, I pull out the last item and it is the May 2012 Card Maker.....another hit!!!

So......Colleen......THANK YOU!!!   This was the most awesome blog candy and I love it all!

For those of you who don't know Colleen, she works for Imagination International, the Copic Distributor for the US.  She has been teaching Beginning and Intermediate Copic classes and has recently been promoted to be the New Education Director.  I took my Intermediate class from her in Portland last fall.  If you would like to follow her blog, go HERE and check it out!

So.....after all the cool stuff, the Oh No! of my day was a little hairy!  I had just picked up the dogs and was heading home.  Sat at a stop sign waiting for the traffic ahead of me to move when the brake pedal sunk to the floor.  NO!!!!    It seemed to pump up a little but quickly lost pressure.  I limped the car home making sure I put lots of distance between me and the next car.  My own driveway presented the hardest part since it is mostly downhill.  In first gear, the brake had very little power in the end.  Got it home safely.  Ray will look at it in the morning and see what he can do.  We think it is probably the Master Cylinder. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

The new CD's are Here! The new CD's are here!

I am reminded of the Jerk!  That Steve Martin movie where he runs through the streets yelling, "The new phone books are here!  The new phone books are here!"  Loved that movie.  Well, I was reminded it this because it is the time of year when the new Technique Junkie CD10 is ready for purchase.  This CD contains all the techniques from the last year of newsletters plus 10 special bonus techniques only on the CD. 

So...........Below is the special message from Pat Huntoon about the CD and how you can get one of your very own!! off when you renew membership and get the CD but BEFORE September 15th. 


We head off tomorrow for Westminster MD for the Stamp Scrap Art Tour Show. If you live in the area, please stop by - I would love to meet you!

CD10 will be mailed next week (I thought I was to have them today, but no packages today!). Remember that there is a $2.00 discount for ordering the CD and renewing your subscription through September 15th.This offer will NOT be extended, though! Order today to have your CD sent next week.

Just order like normal from the drop down box through PayPal HERE and I will refund the $2.00 when I process your order. Note: Canadian, Overseas and online-only users, scroll down to your area. 

You can also just order the CD HERE:

After this show, I will be home for a few weeks and I can't wait to show you what has been occupying my time this summer. Let's just say that Jane Bosi and I have been busy bees. We have created some of the coolest stuff ever! It will all be available October 1st, too.

Have a great weekend and stop by our booth if you live close to Westminster!