Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bright Bee

Here is another cute digi from Dustin Pike. Can you tell I love his drawing!! This was one of his first freebies. I've had it colored up for almost a month and finally got a chance to turn it into a card. The dewdrops are from Pinkhedgehog. Heidi has a ton a wonderful stuff and these dewdrops were really inexpensive. The bee was colored with copics (OH! Surprise!......NOT!) Art Supply Warehouse (aswexpress.com) had a great sale. 20% off your order over a certain amount. They have copic markers so I got more to add to my collection. The cost was less than $4 each with the sale and their shipping is only $6 for any size order. The only problem is that they don't list the marker by number but only by color. A royal pain if you ask me. You have to go to a different site that sells them to get the marker name then back to asw. There were a number that were out of stock but I guess that just means another order will have to happen!

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Sue from Oregon said...

this image is sooo darn cute and your coloring amazing girl!