Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ray on Float

Well.......I think I'm a little disappointed in the floats this year in the parade. In years past, the floats were quite large and very impressive. This year......not so much. I think money has played a lot into that factor. As you can see from the concept photo below in a different post, the people on the float are way bigger than they are in the concept photo. There were lots of roses on the it but it just didn't have the wow factor. None of the floats had a wow factor except the one from Resers with a Beauty and the Beast theme. Ray did have fun on the float. At least both of the photos I took you could at least see his face! The other people were waving too much in front of their faces.....I don't think they had the parade wave down very well! We had a great breakfast in the green room of the hotel with the other riders. The room was nice in the hotel last night but since I live in the country, the night noises of the city and the Max light rail didn't let me sleep much last night. Had all the family at the bank's party for the parade. That was fun. My Daughter, Angie and her, Travis, were in route to Cabo and missed the fun. My granddaughter, Audrey, was thrilled with the horses. Boy, she is really going to like the present we got her for her third bday. All the aunts, uncles, and Ray & I went together and got her an animated horse by FurReal. I can hardly wait until November!!

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