Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wonderful vacation!

I'm back! Spent the last week in Montana and Yellowstone and had a really great time. Only two low spots in the whole vacation. One was the evening I was SICK. Made full use of the hotel bathroom all night long..... The other was the day we were driving home and a rock cracked our windshield. But the sickness was short lived....hooray! And the windshield can be fixed. Other than that, we had a blast. We saw Custer's last Stand Monument and enjoyed that area for about 4 hours. The last day we were in Yellowstone we were pulled over at one of the wildlife viewing areas. We saw 3 Wolves, a 3 yr old Grizzly, and 50 head of elk all within the same area. AND while watching them all a bald eagle flew by. Can't get much better than that! More posting later. Maybe will even through in a picture or two.

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