Saturday, August 22, 2009

Artful Sentiments Copic Challenge #22

This week Kimm is featuring greens as her copic colors of choice. I thought about what image I would use. Frogs........well, I have a few but none of them really called to me this week. Leaves.......hmmmm.......I guess leaves could work but I would really want to add more colors in than just green. So I looked over the stamp shelves.....still no inspiration. Next I grabbed my unmounted notebook. I keep a printed version in a notebook for all my unmounted stamps. It is categorized into sections......nature, animals, words, people, etc. As I was going through the gladiola stamp from RubberStampAve caught my eye. I have always loved those green glads. is the card I made. I had some green striped paper in the decorated paper stack but it was a little too bright for the image. So, I took the colors of copic markers that I used in the image and made my own stripe paper. Thanks to Kimm for this idea....she used it several weeks ago for a card that she did. After everything was together, it looked a little bare. One of my friends in my submission group, Mari, is working on a card for a submission this month. It was a monochromatic card where she had put on a butterfly (she later took it off!). So, I thought.....hey!.......I should put a little butterfly on my glad! So here ya go! The little antennea on the butterfly were too little to cut and stay attached, so I used a little bit of dark wire instead. Hope you like it!
This has been a busy week for me. A couple of days watching Zander thrown into the mix as well. Most of my time was spent getting ready for the car rally we are having tomorrow. A rally is where you are given a set of vague instructions(like turn left at stop.....instead of the street name) and asked to follow them and fill in the answers to questions that are asked along the route. Our rally centers around the Oregon Trail. The pioneers ended their pilgrimage to the Northwest right where we will be starting our rally. The Oregon City Interpetive Center. There are three HUGE wagon type buildings there. Our rally has lots of references to the Oregon Trail. Each 'wagon' (car) loads up on supplies that are in small bags, they choose a child, and some furniture. Along the route, they can barter with the Indian (My Ray) for extra supplies, they will encounter a calamity with their furniture, and then there will be some sillyness with their child. The people with the most correct rally answers, the best poker hand, the closest mileage to actual, and the people with the most points from their supplies will all get prizes. It is a special way to have fun with you cars! We'll meet at a local pizza place to grade our rally pack and award prizes.


Kimm BT said...

I really love your green glads Ann! Great artwork!

Shar said...

Lovely card, Ann! Love the fresh feel of the card!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

wow, your coloring with copics is outstanding, luv i!

enjoy *~*

Shelly Schmidt said...

I grew up in near-by a town that used to hold a gladiola festive every year- Oh this brings back memories of olde..........Delightful green card! I am still looking through my green cards and Irish stuff for the inspiration to play this week........ May need some new Copic markers to join in though.......TFS

Laurie said...

Hi, Ann. I love your crisp & clean. Please check out my post for today...something for you to pick up, Friend.