Friday, August 28, 2009

Artful Sentiments Copic Challenge #23

Make sure you read the purple words at the end before you leave!

I swear that the clocks are on double time lately! Another week has gone by and it seems like only yesterday that I posted the last challenge card. This week the colors were quite different. The card did not start the way it ended but I'm sure many of you have had that happen! I grabbed this angel stamp by Nicole Croy. When I purchased the stamp I didn't see a printed image only the rubber. So, I had this image in my head and when I finally stamped it, the image was a little different than I had imagined. A little more dotty and the head wasn't particularly to my liking. BUT, I figured that I would work with it just the same. For the background, I used the GESSO OFF technique from the Technique Junkie newlsetter.
It happens to be a technique that I came up with. After completing the technique, the background needed to be toned down a little so I brayered SU's Apricot Appeal over the top. N0ne of the ribbon I had seemed to go well and after digging through my fibers I found this one. You can't tell in the scan very well but the colors of the fibers are golden and bronzy. The color palette is quite removed from my normal but that's okay. It is good to stretch your wings. (pun intended!) My cyber friend, Nancy Judd, always comes up with beautiful earthy colors in her cards. She and I have often joked about it. She has a hard time with the pastels and brights and I have a hard time with the earthy colors. So, when either of us would post a card that was out of our normal comfort zone, the other would make comment on how unusual it was! So this card, Dear Nancy, is for you!!
Yesterday I went to the Local Stamp store (LSS) to pick up some Amuse stamps that they had ordered for me. I don't really need anything at the LSS....really....I don't. But when I came away I had a nice little bag of ribbons, a few stamps and a couple pieces of patterned paper. Like I truly needed any of it!! I did feel good though knowing that I was helping the local business stay in business, right?! One of the stamps I picked up is a DARLING little racoon with his hands (paws) in the air. I hope you'll see it soon. I have a hard time letting go of any of my stamps. The 20 year collection is getting rather large now. So......what is your opinion? Purge a few or keep? What do you do and why? Tell me!
OH!! I don't want to WILL want to watch the blog on SUNDAY and again on MONDAY. On Sunday I will have some blog candy!! Then on Monday, the Technique Junkie Design Team is hosting a blog hop with a fabulous prize at the end. Sign up for e-mail notifications so you don't miss the candies!


Shar said...

Absolutely stunning, Ann! I love the ethereal.

I have way too many stamps after only 5 years and have no idea what to do about it as I am wild about them all. I have given a bunch of my very first stamps to my mom to start her collection of stamps as she has just discovered stamping. It was hard to let go of any but I really get a kick out of seeing what she creates with her new-to-her collection.

Mari said...

Oh, Ann! I saw you post this on the TJ group & had to come *really* look at it! It may be out of your zone, but it's *GORGEOUS*! I love the colors, love the stamp, love the tilt! Really, I think this may be my very favorite thing you've done....

leenda said...

I absolutely love this card Ann!! Should you ever want to sell that stamp yell at me!!