Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't you wonder too?

So........as I have been looking at the Feedjit at where the different people are from that visit my blog, I notice some fun places and wonder, "Just who are they?"

Someone from Perth, Western Australia, visits often.....I wonder if I know them? 

How about the people from Oregon or the people from Ohio?  I've lived in Ohio in a tiny town called Carey until I was 13 and still have a soft spot in my heart for Carey.  I see people from Billings, Montana and wonder if they know my daughter's in-laws, the Zagels.

Did you arrive from a foreign country?  I'd love to know how your found me and who you are!  ;-)

Okay.....I'm done......going off to stamp!


Sue from Oregon said...

I watch my feedjit all the time. We do geography checks at work trying to figure out where so me of these places are! I have learned to recognize the place from a few regulars, but I am with you...wish I had a face with the lists. I see Allison from Stampin When I Can now shows her face on feedjit, the only one so far...wonder how she did that?

Stampin_melissa said...

Just love feedjit too! How some of those people from so many places around the world stumbled onto my little 'ole blog is beyond me!

Sumtoy said...

my son and stampin daughter in law live in Perth. I told them you are an amazing artist and I know she checks you often.

Laura said...

Hi Ann! :-) not from far away, but I enjoy your blog!