Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Goodies

Here are the Easter goodies I made for my grandchildren.  The little nuggets with the Easter bunny faces were an idea I originally got from my friend, Judy.  The bunny face was an idea originally from my friend, Cindy!  Thanks guys for the inspiration.  I put Cindy's bunny face on a box I made with Cardstock and voila!  A cute (really inexpensive) Easter Basket!  I hope you enjoy them and it inspires you to create some yourself........for next year!!

Below is the card that I made for my granddaughters.  I posted the same image several weeks back.  THAT card was for my grandson.  I already had the image colored up so quickly made it into a card.  It has two techniques on it.....marker tapping and out of the box.  There were techniques from the Technique Junkie newsletter.  Marker Tapping was a technique I had submitted.  ;-)  The image is from Dustin Pike and is colored with copic markers.

Car wreck update:  My DH is not complaining....don't know if that means he is trying to be a guy or really isn't bothered.  Me, on the otherhand........My neck, hip, and a little on one hand and knee are bothering me.  Seeing the chiropractor and getting adjusted along with massages.  I love masssages but wouldn't recommend this method of getting them!  Car.....$5,500 in damages and we are hoping that they won't total it. Here are a couple of photos.  One shows the other guys car with its smashed hood.  The Explorer is ours and this picture from home shows the damage a little better.  You still can't see how much it is dented in or the angle of the wheel.  Makes my neck hurt just looking at them.  You can see how far he slide after hitting us.....we're the car with the hatched raised.  The guy that hit us was traveling towards us originally. 


the PaperTemptress said...

Wow, those baskets and the cards are GREAT! I am definately going to copy them next year. Too much fun. Now off to buy the little rabbit image, hopefully it is a digital image. Thanks for sharing, certainly inspiring me! Sorry to hear about the accident, hopefully you get better quickly!

the PaperTemptress

jkreucher said...

Oh Ann, aren't these just the sweetest easter goodies... great job girl..
WOW! what a terrible accident.. so glad your ok.
take care

Faith | Digital Room said...

Looks like someone had the sweetest Easter. Great idea to have thought of that. By the way, glad to know you're okay after an accident.

Shar said...

Awww! Those bunny baskets are way too cute!

Fab! Your card is just fantastic in every way!

Eeek! Poor car...poor you...poor hubby.

Evelyn S. said...

I'll bet those grandkids LOVED them!

Wow...that is a terrible accident; I hope your 'hurts' heal quickly.

CreaRenata said...

I love these cute baskets! Just lovely!

What a terrible accident, hope you feel wel soon!

Anonymous said...

so cute Ann Eyes are awesome!!!

Cindy said...

Great bunnies awful wreck.

Sue from Oregon said...

Such cute cute projects and such an owie car :(.