Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you do this?

I don't know why but I do this ALL the time, do you?  I wait until the last minute to get something done.  I know that if I had done it earlier I would be so much happier.  BUT I wait and let that devil "Procrastination" get the best of me.  You don't do that do you?  ;-)

This is the weekly card for the Hambo Hoedown.  It really is a fun challenge because everyone is a winner!  You all win a free digi!  Click on the badge to the right to find out more.

The elephant was duplicated, flipped (for one) and resized to create a trio of ellies.  I didn't have much time to really color nicely as I was trying to get done before my grandson woke from his nap!  The background piece is from my stash of TJ techniques.  This one is called Simple Sumi!  We were to use sparkle and I really wish that cameras and scanners had a sparkle button.  This is much more sparkly in person!  The elephants even have a sparkle ground.


Melissa said...

Some of us do our best work at the last minute! I think this is da bomb! Love the different sized elephants to create perspective! Thanks for joining us at the hoedown this week!

Sue from Oregon said...

I seem to work better under the gun...or at least get er done! You did good Granny!

Judy Rozema said...

What an awesome card! I love the little trio! And that background....wowza! Thanks for playing along again at the Hoedown! So glad you work well under pressure! :)

Mari said...

I *totally* do that! I've even been known to hand out Christmas cards in January! ;)
On the other hand, it's super cute and I bet he'll LOVE it! :)

Shirley said...

How much fun! Last minute or not, this is a winner!!