Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My sweet kids.......

I just have to post this.  My daughter and son (and their spouses) plus some of their close friends, decided to take the kids to Disneyland BUT they decided to keep it a secret.  They told the kids that they were going to the beach like they do this time every year.  This year they were going to a 'beach' far away and they would fly to get their quicker.  The reveal was very funny.  You can see the youtube video HERE.  My grandkids are the oldest dark haired girl, the long haired little girl next to her and the only boy in the group. 

If was funny because after all the hype about flying to the beach this year, Audrey (my youngest granddaughter) and Sydney (a friend's child), were truly upset that they weren't going to the beach.  Audrey.....threw her hat down twice!  All was good though after they showed the kids the brochure with the castle on it. 


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