Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to go from Oooooo to Ewwwwww in one day

So......today I met with a lady from the Board of Directors for the University Club "Women's Core".  Ladies from all over the metro area belong and do activites monthly.  In December they have a Holiday Luncheon and invite a few vendors to display their wares for the ladies to shop.  This year, I've been given the chance to be one of the vendors (five vendors this year, they think).  The lady I met with will present what I do to the Board and they will have the final decision (sometime in Sept) but she was very happy with what I showed her and thought that they would invite me.  I sure hope so.....what a wonderful opportunity!!  There are usually about 250 ladies at the luncheon.

So.......that was my Ooooooooo!!

Then I come home, decide to go outside and work a little.  Cut some flowers for my mom to dry and do a little weeding.  I'm over weeding in a very neglected bed when I hear a bee.  Uh-Oh!!  I got stung a couple of weeks ago so I wanted to make sure I wasn't near another nest.  Quietly I waited until I could spy the little bugger.  There he was........well.......just a lone bumble bee.  Phew!  So I continue to weed.  Shortly after than I start to feel a little wet near my ankle.  Hmmmm.....funny place to feel the sweat from your knee. 

So.....I look down......EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! 

It was a Banana slug who had crawled up my LeCross short boots and was making his way to the leg.  I let out a shreeek, brushed him off, jumped back and did a little shaking gross dance.  Ewwwww!!                  Okay....you can stop laughing now!!! 

Below is a picture of one.....not mine but every bit the same size!  ;-)


Beth said...

uuuhhhh Ann yucky I would have done the same dance, and good luck with your new endeavor hope you get it.

Niki said...

Eeewww is right! I knew there was a reason I don't like yard work.

Good luck on the University Club, sounds like a great opportunity.