Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pulled Color

Pulled Color is a technique that I filmed for the most recent Technique Junkie newsletter.  I doubt that I created this technique as I'm sure someone else did it before me.  It is one of those techniques that you just don't want to stop making backgrounds!

Sometimes when I make a background, I think it is so pretty that I just hate to cover it up. The Pulled Color technique ends up just like that. So I choose something narrow to let a lot of the BG show through! I've had this stamp set for 8 months and it hadn't seen ink yet! Hope you enjoy!

Mom Update:
Today was a first for mom........a first since her fall almost two months ago!  She came upstairs!!  She was really proud of herself and I'm tickled that she is getting well enough to do it.  She was tired once she got there and after a little rest she made it back down without having to sit and scoot down.  I think it made her feel even better mentally to know that she could do it too!  I thank those of you who have included her in your prayers.  They are very appreciated! 

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