Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Landscape Embossing

This is a cool technique using powders from Hero Arts.  I had a little trouble with the black overstamp and think that part could have been a little better.  All in all, it was really fun.  Tomorrow I'll show you my favorite card with this technique.

Did more weeding today.  My back actually lasted a couple of hours and I have several wheelbarrow loads for Ray to haul away!  Sure would like to be able to reclaim most of the front yard this year!  I have plenty of potted rhodies to fill the areas I've cleared.  Got rid of much of the Oregon Grape.  I've got lots more in the woods and it just doesn't fit in the front yard area now.  I am getting tired, however, of getting my forearms all scratched up!  Too hot for sleeves.

My mom is doing better all the time.  Yesterday I saw her take about 8 steps without her walker.  Now she has something on the bottom of her good foot that hurts.  The Chiropracter named it (but I don't remember the name) and said that it was an irritation of a set of nerves.  Thank you for your prayers for her!

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