Friday, August 3, 2012

You can order the CD10 NOW!

Crepe paper flowers technique.....I sure love and easy to do too.  I have a little glitz on them as well.  I had originally colored this Peddler's pack Lovely Lydia for a sample for one of my copic classes but decided that I wanted to tone down the pink in her face.  BUT never let an image go to waste!  I recolored the face a little to deepen the shadows and it was a little more acceptable to me. 

Now that you have been seeing some of the great samples coming from this newsletter you should be asking yourself why you aren't a Technique Junkie!  ;-) 

You can order CD10 today! The CD has 100 tutorials on it. All of the issues from October 2011 through this August 2012  issue, plus 10 bonus techniques. It is only $14.95 plus postage, and can be ordered HERE -- if you want to renew at the same time, it is available HERE. The CD will be mailed the first week of September.     If you work that out (with postage), that is only $.20 a technique.  THAT is a super duper deal.  You really shouldn't wait any longer!!

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